Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Baby steps on the blog floor

Eh. Ah. Hmmm. I didn't actually mean to post anything; what I simply wanted to do was arrange my settings for this site. So I chose a nice green frame, typed in a name for the optional part of the URL, wrote an introductory non-description of what this blog will be about...then I got dumped without warning into the "post" page. Well, you don't ride a bike the first time without getting pushed, so here goes.

I'm American, I'm 35, I'm male, I write and edit for a living, I occupy an 80-year old apartment with high ceilings and East German gas heating units. I live in a neighborhood in Prague called Vinohrady, which means "Vineyards" in Czech. I wish I was a more talented guitar player. I like movies, rock and roll, people who laugh easily, technology that works well, writing that reads smoothly and vegetable-free meals. I am unmarried. I was once in North Korea for five minutes. I used to live in the first house on a dead end street. I typically vote Democrat, but not always. I grew up in Long Island, New York, and spent a lot of time as a kid pretending to fight the Wehrmacht with my friends. I tried smoking when I was thirteen and didn't like it. I almost graduated from college.

My name is Eric Volkman, if you don't already know me. If you do, good to see you here. Either way, thanks for tuning in.

This blog won't be about anything in particular. I do want to talk a lot about music and movies, and this funny city I live in. I'll try not to be too heavy. I promise not to write much about politics.

And I'm serious about that money-back guarantee.

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