Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer update

Hi folks. For the three of you that haven't given up on me despite my absence of nearly half a year, all's okay with me. A quick and dirty update: I'm still publishing the magazine (for the moment, anyway), I've played in a bunch of shows with the two bands I'm now in, I'm producing a DVD of one of said concert (actually a festival with several other groups), am chasing scriptwriting or other producing gigs with varying levels of potential, and I'm still on track to go to the States in mid-September. And oh yah, I got married. More later.

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Leenie said...

I know this is random...but my friend Tani and I are coming to Prague Oct 16-22 and are hoping to find a local to show us around one day while we are out there. So I thought I would touch base and introduce myself. So hello :)